Casa Solariega

Just as you park in Lupiñén's little square, one finds the ancestral House of the Otales. Then, we begin the movement to another time, to another pace of life, totally different from our usual one. It is the prelude of what you may expect in its inner rooms: a sharing of the Culture of a people with ancient traditions.

The wide hall, with its well inside, with his plaster roof over the logs of the pyrenean pines, set with an old lamp, already forces us to breathe the sensation of being in an antique village of the High Arragon in which the worries of its settlers were forged in the hard struggle with the land to extract her its fruits. The stairs leads us to the corridor that distributes the spaces: the Kitchen, the Lounge-dining room, the bedrooms and the wide bathroom. The decoration is a mixture of current and ancient objects, such as the small chapel of Saint Antonio, which stands in a corner of the dining-room, or the picture of the Guardian Angel which presides at the bed. Everything is abundance of comfort and poetry just to wake up the dullest imaginations.

In one of the bedrooms, that of two beds, we can find a pilaster made with as ancient stones as the house is (it has seen several centuries passing), close to a new fireplace in which we will roast a few ribs of lamb with the embers that stay after attending to a family fire, that will be liquated with a wine of local House Royico. In other one, we find an old cradle, of the same style as the bed, in which we can place our most valued treasure, so that the baby will spend the night by our side. We can meet around watching tv in the lounge; or we can remain in the kitchen. Another bedroom, close to the lounge is waiting for our friends. The court, in summer, is the fresher space of the Ancestral House.

The Ancestral House offers traditional space together with real comfort for those that look for a corner of peace and quiet. "Luxury, calmness and voluptuousness..."

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