Casa Saúl

The warmth of House Saúl can be perceived just crossing the garden, under the first lights of the Sun of the day , when it presents to ourselves as a green carpet enjoying of abundant water. 600 square meters of garden, of exclusive use, certainly helps to forge ourselves a concept of a quite different Tourism, one of quality.

We can chat in the Porch that gives way to the house. A warm and cozy fireplace is waiting for us. A fireplace, together with discreet colors, lead us to a comfortable and faint world. A world in which 6 people can enjoy an unforgettable stay.

The details always help us to acquire a general opinion. The comforts of a new construction, the advantages of a privileged resort and the possibility of coming during the whole year represent a singular offer for you.

Big common spaces, as the Lounge or the Garden, open our way to the inner rooms. In them, we will find the moment to do our daily balance, the moment to resume the realized during the day and also where to begin a plan for the next day. The Sierra becomes the background of a huge decoration. When the night is dark, the light that detaches from the fuelwood, there in the chimney, will help us to ponder, will offer us a moment of rest after the day.

House Saúl wants to offer us the possibility of seeing the time that passes slowly by. There, the inhabitants of the day form a part of a strange alliance that is sustained in the pleasure of the simple things, in the enjoyment of the senses.

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casa saul
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