For those who prefer the sport, the Mountain Byke owns a Kingdom, marked by paths and ways. Raises and descents, green and brown, water and vegetation will be the anonymous witnesses of a walk that will make you live through all of this environment. More than fifteen different routes allow you to choose between black poplars and almond-trees, among olive and cherry-trees.

Congratulations to the sportsmen. They may enjoy rafting in Murillo of Gállego, at few miles from House Saúl, a privileged center. The best experts of the world have already descended its waters and may corroborate the greatness of this landscape.

It is not easy to speak about Lupiñén without mentionning its environment. It is difficult to find an epicentre as attractive as this. House Saúl is the corner where to plan every morning several excursions that will make us enjoy this resort and one of the places known as a Pearl of Huesca.

Guara's skirt appears majestic. There’s only one thing that eclipses the greatness of this privileged corner: Loarre's castle. The military fortress of the XIth century, the best preserved in Europe. It will not warn you. You will go out of House Saúl thinking of seeing its towers, its battlements and its distant profile while you bring your interest over it. But not. Loarre shows in an overwhelming form. It catches you. You sit down feeling infimous before this greatness.

Dark galleries, military terraces where a horrifying panorama is seen, towers of royal breed, and thousands of years of history under our feet will mark an indispensable visit to know better our history and that of Arragon, cradle of the Spanish Kingdom.

Riglos's rocks impose before any reality. They can turn you dumb. The greatness of this rocky mass is almost so crushing as it turns out to be the recently restored altarpiece of the Collegiate Church of Bolea. Its greatness, distributed from the XVIth century in three parts and a crypt, is reflected in the altarpiece that presides at the Temple. From House Saúl. An excursion is worth while to the Royal Pantheon of Arragon. San Juan de la Peña. Of it, anyone can write for hours. Do visit it.

Elements as Riglos's organ or Museums like the ethnological of Bolea are another attractive, but not the only one. Others are to be appreciate by the palate : Montmesa's camomille, Cherries of Bolea, Lierta's vegetables, the cakes of La Peña. There are, also, some peope that catches the interest of the visitor of House Saúl; between them, the Tower-Watchmaker and the Bell-ringer of Biscarrués. There may be interest in the flower-art of Sarsamarcuello, in the wooden seats of Bolea or in Triste’s textile workshops. But the show will go on...

“You only need a few seconds of beauty to create peremnial remembrances”.

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